Experimenting with Redux Listener Middleware

For a while now, Redux is working on improving its image with the development of Redux Toolkit. The old conception that redux was too verbose, hard to onboard, hard to learn, and unnecessary for most applications is in fact becoming something of the past. The Redux Toolkit is full of utilities to ease development providing simpler ways to set up a store, create reducers, and deal with immutable updates, allowing you to do more with less code. Some highlight features are:

  • RTK Query
  • Typescript support
  • createSlice
  • createAsyncThunk
  • createEntityAdapter
  • createListenerMiddleware
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Site Reliability Engineering - Chapter 1

SRE is what you get when you treat operations as if it’s a software problem. This field originated at Google and spread into the broader software development industry, and other companies subsequently began to employ site reliability engineers. Organizations who have adopted the concept include Airbnb, Dropbox, IBM, LinkedIn, Netflix and Wikimedia.

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Thoughts on Stoicism: On happiness

Does a philosophy of life matter? Stoicism was a philosophical school dedicated to teaching youngs Romans how to live well. Based on the intuition that our society is in a permanent state of decadence, I discuss how ancient philosophy approached the common problems of human living.
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Running 300 days in 2021

For some time I have been trying to become a runner. I think is badass and pretty, and I want that for myself. It doesn’t grow on me the idea of being super fit and run marathons, my goal is to run a 5k without feeling completely drained. I do my runs on a treadmill since I don’t live near a park and the city is dangerous. I also have no coach, besides the built-in programs on my treadmill and conversations with my brother which has a general interest in fitness.

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5 things I learned investing in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is awesome. At some point we all hear about that, the media is talking, our friends are talking and some important people agree that this is the future. So, in the beginning of this year I decided put myself into this and see if the future is really that awesome
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Build desktop apps with Electron and Angular 2

This week I was in face of a challenge. I had to build a simple desktop application that gives for the user a combinatorial analysis of a number sequence. With the timeline of one day. I ended up doing in Java, using Swing (Yeah, I know, not the best way to do it, but at the moment I just keep thinking simple is always better). Along the way, I find out an awesome platform for build desktop applications call Electron.
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