Weekly Readings 2022-16

Rebeca Sarai · April 17, 2022

  • Which Kinds of Tests Should I Write?
    • Topics that resonate with me:
      • “Test until fear is transformed into boredom (Phlip Plumlee)”. The goal of tests is to give confidence to developers and stakeholders that the code written is correct.
      • “If you don’t like something about the test, then try interpreting that as a sign of a design problem—usually an unhealthy dependency in the production code (The “driven” in test-driven development)”.
  • Hackers Gaining Power of Subpoena Via Fake “Emergency Data Requests”
    • Software companies are easily sharing private information from customers to hackers using compromise email accounts of pollice officers.
  • How to Be a Teapot in Django
    • The real learning here is the HTCPCP protocol which is a HTTP extension for controlling coffee pots. Seriously thinking about adding a /teapot url to this site: google/teapot
  • React Performance
  • What is innovation?
    • “… why innovative companies rarely have a second, equally innovative act. The thesis is that most businesses are structured such that they prioritize investing into existing, successful businesses at the expense of novel, unproven endeavors. The problem isn’t that these successful companies are poorly run, but rather it’s being well run that prevents companies from further innovation.”
    • I sometimes struggle with this. Do we keep optimizing for this path which is obviously good because it has brought so much benefits over the years or do we take some time to explore what’s around? The proposed solution is to have a innovation budget, an arbitrary number that defines which percentage of people’s time goes to innovation. The question here is: how? Focusing on lateral projects, enabling new fronts, tackling risk, exposing yourselves to new challenges.
  • Do We Need More Product Frameworks?
    • Frameworks are not absolute truths. They are not meant to be followed at risk. Remember, all frameworks have a goal. The goal is teaching, not operationalization.
  • Making Things Better (With Enabling Constraints and POPCORN)
    • Long post which I’m still diggesting.
  • Idiomatic Redux: Designing the Redux Toolkit Listener Middleware
    • I’m working on a small project to test this functionality. The post is also a great overview on how collaborative design happens on open-source.

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