The computer engineer code challenge

Rebeca Sarai · July 28, 2017

Originally published on medium

A few days a go I came across the 100 days of algorithms, I loved at first sight and since the day 49 I’ve been following the challenge. Every day a brand new algorithm was launch and every day I felt challenged to do something useful with the time I spend watching Netflix.

The algorithms of the 100 days are from the most different areas with different kinds of difficulties, this fact really caught my attention. While with some algorithms I had a great facility, with others, even though I already had studied and build implementations about the topic, a summary of concepts and techniques was necessary. Facing my inability to complete the challenge I ask to myself: “how I don’t remember this?”

What is the value of having an algorithm if you don’t remember how to use or how it works?

Most of the algorithms that I made are now lost in some deep place of my mind. Maybe having them saved and explained somewhere could make them useful now.

With that in mind, I created a challenge for myself. It’s not gonna be a daily challenge (I really don’t have the time/courage for that). I’m gonna try to make this weekly and always bring practical things that I learned in the week. Could be an algorithm, a new technology or a cool project that I spend the week working on.

I’m calling:

The Computer Engineer Weekly Code Challenge

because I’m towards to become an engineer and could use some extra motivation.

The scope of this challenge is completely open, as same as the technologies, any libraries can and will be used in order to make my life easier.

Have any suggestions? Please let me know.

Did I make a mistake? Please consider sending a pull request.