Weekly Readings 2022-13

Rebeca Sarai · March 27, 2022

  • Bottlenecks of Scaleups: How did you get tech debt?
    • This is an ongoing series. Tech debt bottlenecks usually happen after a hyper growth phase. Interesting points of the article are how to identify scaling bottleneck and how to get out of the bottleneck.
  • Making the world’s fastest website, and other mistakes
    • Working on frontend-only applications always makes me think of javascript performance. “Seems like the proper solution isn’t creating Lowest Common Denominator designs, so the same site is served on weak and strong hardware, but being able to dynamically serve content based on the specs of the device.”
  • The Role of a Senior Developer
    • “While an intermediate will plow through days of boring work, a senior developer will take a step back and question what is breaking down to cause all that boring work to begin with. They will evaluate the cost of fixing root problems, and either fix them directly, or put things in motion so they will be fixed eventually.”
  • How to Think: The Skill You’ve Never Been Taught
    • “The best way to improve your ability to think is to actually spend time thinking.”
  • A career ending mistake
    • The mistake is to not plan the goal of your career, what you want to be doing, what’s the end game. “If you love what you’re doing now and don’t ever want to change jobs, great: you’ve reached the end of your career, even if it plays out over many decades”.
  • Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO
    • I’m no close to being a CEO, but I found the peace/war analogy excellent to explain critical moments to the team. Sometimes people tend to cling to processes and rules when the times ask for flexibility and experimentation.
  • How to really learn any programming language
    • The post is titled “How to really learn Go” but I found it very appropriate to any programming language

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