Weekly Readings 2022-15

Rebeca Sarai · April 12, 2022

  • Migrations Guides
  • Beyond Lean and Agile
    • Sometimes you get stuck in a project for so long that you become tied to an specific way of working. You start to create attachments to things you shouldn’t: sprints, tasks, code, plannings. Our work as software engineers is dynamic, products are expected to change in order to find market fit and our work is to allow this change. Always remember:
        1. Tackle the big risks early – especially value risk and business risk
        1. Figure out solutions collaboratively – engineering, design, and product, working side-by-side
        1. Focus on solving problems – it’s not about features or a roadmap; it’s about delivering results
  • Searching for outliers
    • When working on problems, it’s usefull to think about heavy-tailed/light-tailed distributions. On light-tailed distributions the difference between the best and the average is small, however, for heavy-tailed distribution the difference between the best and the average can be 50x, 100x. The knowledge of the distribution type is crucial to make the judgement call to stop or keep searching for the outlier. Distributions
  • The Saff Squeeze
    • Here is the Saff Squeeze in one sentence: inline parts of a failing test until the reason for the failure becomes obvious.

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